Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Every human on earth has been trapped in time. All events are sequential. Yet we are given the inestimable gift of intellect so that we may understand beyond the moment. We can remember the past, witness cause and effect and guess the future. Yet we still only know at 10 what we have learned before 10. And in this respect we are very limited by time – and also by those events which began to shape our temperaments and understandings. In fact the current trend is to assume that the earliest events are the only real indications of who we become. It is as if these events trap us into a lifetime confined to a restricted allowable set of consequences as if life were a syllogism whose principles were all in place before the age of reason.

This is not wholly untrue but it is vastly deficient. Just as I am composed of feelings and intellect I am also privy to sensation and revelation. I must believe that no person is so bereft of will that he cannot at any time grow more wise. And so I would not have so much emphasis placed on merely my youthful experiences – which I tend to find so hard to recall anyway!! It bugs me that so many "modern" people think everything can be blamed on some youthful experience rather than their own decisions.

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