Saturday, December 02, 2006

Chinese Saints

I have fairly frequent dealings with a handful of the good people of Taiwan. They are interesting to me in many ways and many have become good friends. Yet there is a certain youthfulness about them that I have a hard time charitably describing. "Staid" and "Refined" and "Mature" are not words that come up a lot. One huge thing that is missing from their culture is a pervading notion of religion - although there are temples and small sacrifices to ancestors. I would dearly love to win some of those souls for heaven.

Who are some good intercessors from Taiwan??

Of course Taiwan is largely, in culture and heredity, of China. So Our Lady of China is apt. Though she is so busy already!! St. Fracis Xavier is legendary for his work in the orient so I include him. I vaguely know of a lot of martyrs in China but didn't know any of the stories until I noticed this one from a page in the St. Peter and the Vatican book we have.

St. Jean-Gabriel Perboyre
Sounds like quite a guy!! I will include him in the post rosary litany. But I still haven't found out names of some indiginous saints. Taiwan preferred but larger China is definately OK. Please contribute your recommendations with links to more info if possible.