Monday, February 13, 2006

Movies Can Be Worthwhile

I don’t really like to chat that much. It doesn’t suit my taste. Yet I love a good argument – not the fistfight sort of course – the spirited but logical dialogue gets me going. I find myself trying to turn small talk into something bigger all the time. Some topics lend themselves to this – like the discussion of movies. Almost any movie yields one or two topics of universal content – be it a positive or negative example or even an occasion to recognize privation!

A list of favorite movies would be bad without an indication as to WHY the movies are on the list. Wow that would be a lot of work. Maybe SOMEDAY I will do that.

Here's a few that have so many things in them I don't have to elaborate - you can begin on your own to analyze these:
Casablanca, I Remember Mama, Seven Samurai, Gone With the Wind, A Man for All Seasons. (Any good Shakespeare rendition).

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