Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Themapguy's Geography Meme

Sorry Mapguy that this took so long! In recompense I have given each question several answers.

1. A Place You've Visited and Your Favorite Thing there
The California Coast - Sun, surf, sand, mountains and the feeling that anything is possible.
Sanabel Island - Banyon Tree that is not just interesting to look at but wonderful for climbing!!!!!
Michigan - Sand Dunes so big you can "swim" down them.
King's Canyon - Alivanmom (and the luxury to dote on her).
Kohler - the tour followed by the bratwursts at the American Club.

2. A Country You'd Like to Visit and Why
Japan. Bleeding edge high tech stuff, Mountains (both lush green and snow covered for skiing), sake and the world's best sushi.
Italy - Museums, food and people.
Ireland - the stories coming right from themselves in a nice thick brogue. Maybe on a soft day with some peat making me cosy. Maybe a little music and dancing. Some fine old whisky.
England - London and the countryside

3. A Place From History You'd Like to Visit and Why
The Garden of Eden in summer (i.e. before the fall)
King Arthur's Court and Countryside
Duke d'Berry's court (Louvre as a baby)
Mission San Buenaventura a few years after it was started

A small town about halfway from London in the 18th century to hear people talk.
A british country castle where Psmith and Wooster are in for the week.
A French castle though I can't get more specific than "the ambiance"
An Austrian castle when things were really hopping. Music, food and baroque - even Rococo

4. A Place You Know a Lot About
I wish there was such a place! I know something about the places I lived but only a scratch on the surface. The wood behind my childhood house, the campus of TAC, the beach in Ventura, the parking spots around UWMilwaukee!, the town of Poway and the inside of the Trader Joe's in Carmel Mountain Ranch, the inside and outside of my first house on Park Ave.

5. A Place You'd Like to Learn More About

Heaven. Book me a one way ticket please!

OK. Earth too. Really what place doesn't have interest? But maybe I am thinking about the history of the places rather than the place for the place's own sake. Hmm. I would like to learn more about Africa - good choice Mystical_Rose.

If you press me I will get smaller - Madagascar. It seems that that island is home to all kinds of uniqueness and wonder animal, plant and mineral. Of course this is true of the Galapagos islands too. And probably more than a few in the south pacific. I really can't decide.

6. A Fictional Place You'd Like to Visit
Woodbridge Castle - when they get around to the living happily ever after part of it.
But for those who have yet to hear about Woodbridge here are a few other intruiging spots: Bag End, Perelandra, Valinor, Mount Olympus.

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