Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aspergers Syndrome

A careless self diagnosis suggests that I may have Asperger's Syndrom in some very mild degree or another. Hmm. It's nicknamed Geek Syndrom too. So I perked up at an NPR story that was pretty interesting.


I have 2 take-aways to savor a little bit more:

If a cure were invented for autism, would he take it?
Carley does not hesitate before answering.
"No. Never will. Never ever will," he says. "I love the way my brain works, I always have and it's one of the things I can now admit to myself. I like the way I think in terms of numbers. I like the way visualize things. I like the way most especially that I can bury myself in work that I love to a degree that makes everybody else in the world looks at me and go, 'God! I wish I could do that.' No, I am not changing anything."

I concur to a point. I like being able to do those things too but I wouldn't mind an opportunity to improve my people skills. If the drug (like some drugs do) just returns you to a medium level on ALL fronts then I would reject it - I don't want to lose what I have. Besides - it may take a while but as I get older I am learning more and more of the cues all the time.

2) I thought the convention sounded really neat. Normally I am a little averse to the "do your own thing" mania. But at the convention the circumstances seem to make it the best of all options. Neat.

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