Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A spoon full of yogurt and the Medicine goes down.

Science is so cool. They are going to use yogurt bacteria to deliver drugs to the body. There are huge advances here. A whole new method to deliver drugs that the body would otherwise reject in other delivery methods. If I am not mistaken the bacteria will actually produce the drug for us. And lastly, how great can this be for little kids who can't swallow pills? Just delivering tylenol and stuff in yogurt is good idea.

Yogurt bacteria may soon fight HIV
PROVIDENCE, R.I., Jan. 17 (UPI) -- Brown University scientists say they've genetically modified some of the 'friendly bacteria' found in yogurt to release a drug that blocks HIV infection.

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arlawless said...

You know, Stephen HATES to swallow pills. Much of the time, he physically can't.

I should put the next one in his yogurt (which he regularly eats anyway)!

Cool post. :-)